Maurizio and Andra

- Undefeated Canadian Professional Latin Champions (2010-2015)
- 2nd place at the World 2013-2015 WDC Professional Latin
- 2nd place at the United Kingdom, Blackpool and International Championship

Maurizio and Andra started dancing together in August, 2009.
They represent Canada in Professional division and they call DanceLife Studios their home.
Traveling around the world competing, taking lessons, doing shows and coaching their couples is what takes up most of their time.


Zilvinas and Aira

- Studio Owners
- Dance Instructors and Choreographers
- Adjudicators
- Certified by the Canadian Dance Federation
- Members of the World Dance Council
- Graduated from the University of Klaipeda (Lithuania). Specializing in dance choreography
- Teaching experience of more than 10 years in Canada
- Many couples representing Canada around the world are coached by Zilvinas and Aira
- Have organized many prestigious events and galas showcasing their students and protégés


Anton Azanov

- World Championship winner in 10 dance program in 2008
- Europian Cup Runner-up in 10 dance program in 2009
- Winner and finalist a lot of world competitions in Latin and Ballroom programs


Anton and Anna

Anton and Anna have been dancing together for about 9 years.
As independent dancers, Anton has been dancing for just over 20 years and Anna for 14.
They were the Canadian Amateur Standard Champions in 2006 and 2007, vice Canadian Professional Champions of 2008,
and Professional Canadian Champions of 2009, 2010 and 2011.

- UK Rising Star finalists 2010
- Blackpool rising star finalists 2010
- London Ball Finalists 2010
- Open professional Blackpool semi finalists 2011
- Number 8 in the World championships 2010 and 2011
- Winners of Japan Open 2011
- 2nd runners up in Star Championships, England 2012



Yuliya was born to a dancing family in Ukraine. Her parents started their own dance studio when she was just a toddler.
This studio has recently celebrated it\'s 25th anniversary . It gave the dancing world many Ukrainian dance champions and nationally recognized dancers.
Yuliya would herself start teaching at the age of 12.
She has trained students who have earned international results (Volodymyr Liatov and Veronika Mishko- 3rd place at the IDSF Wold Championship Youth 10 Dance 2007, and 8th place at the IDSF World Champioship youth Latin 2007 ). At the age 13 Yuliya was already a Ukrainian champion in Latin and 10 Dance.
She successfully represented Ukraine in European and World Championships ever since. In 2005 she began to dance for Poland following a new partnership. She became the Polish national 10 Dance vice-champion.
In 2009 she became Canadian Professional Champion in International Latin, American Smooth and American Rhythm, accomplishing a feat that has ever been done in Canada before.
In 2010 she was top 10 contestant at So you Think You Can Dance Canada Season 4. Now she teaching in \"Dance Life Studios\" and continue represent Canada all over the world.