Studio Achievements 2015

Congratulations to our amazing DanceLife Studios Toronto team with successful results at WDC AL open World Championship Paris 2015 . Huge thanks for our teachers Andra Vaidilaite and Maurizio Vescovo for their hard work and patience ! We are so proud of you!

Professional World Championships 2015 - Maurizio & Andra

Congratulations Adam and Morgana, with their first final at UK Open, placing 6th in the Amateur Rising Star Latin!

Congratulations to Ádám Hatházi and Morgana L-h with 1 place in the World Championship Under 21 and Danny Zhelasko and Emma Glaubakh with 4 place in the World Junior under 14 Latin Championship . Big thanks to amazing our teachers Maurizio Vescovo and Andra Vaidilaite.Good luck tomorrow to other DanceLife Studios Toronto couples !


Congratulations to our amazing couple Danny Zhelasko and Emma Glaoubakh from DanceLife Studios Toronto with 2 place in Paris Fred Astaire Cup Junior Under 14 Latin. Big applause for teachers Andra Vaidilaite and Maurizio Vescovo ! We are so proud of you!